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Love My Mag

Love My Mag

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A high-quality supplement of one of the most important minerals in the human body. 

Love My Mag is an elevated magnesium supplement because:

  • It contains magnesium bisglycinate chelate, a highly absorbable and bioavailable form of elemental magnesium chelated to two molecules of the amino acid glycine. 
  • It provides 200 mg of magnesium in each two tablet serving. 
  • It should not cause any of the unfavorable gastrointestinal symptoms that are sometimes associated with magnesium supplementation due to the very stable chelate formed between two glycine molecules and each magnesium ion via a patented process.

Recommended use: As a dietary supplement, take two tablets twice per day, or as directed by your health care practitioner.

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Customer Reviews

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More restful sleep

I sometimes struggle to find restful sleep, and I think this supplement has really helped. I feel like my muscles finally relax and I wake up feeling fully energized and ready for the day. This supplement has become a staple.

Tammy Michaelis
Love my Mag

I started taking these to sleep better. I know magnesium has lots of benefits. I slept like a baby all night, but woke up feeling alert and refreshed. There were no gastrointestinal problems whatsoever. Overall this magnesium is better than any I have ever taken! I also suffer with leg cramps and this seemed to help.

Improved my sleep

Impressed with this magnesium supplement! It eased my muscle cramps and improved my sleep quality. Easy to take, no aftertaste. Love the glass bottle too.

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