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Love My Gut

Love My Gut

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Love My Gut is formulated to combine amino acids, minerals, and botanical extracts to offer comprehensive support for gastrointestinal (GI) health and function. The gut plays a crucial role in digestion, but also relates to mental wellness via the "gut-brain axis" and the health of our entire immune system. Having a healthy gut supports overall well-being and resilience.

The ingredients in this drinkable powder work together to soothe, protect, and may help repair the GI lining, while also promoting regularity and a healthy inflammatory response.

Recommended Use: Mix 8 grams (approximately one scoop) in water or other liquid per day or as directed by your health care practitioner.

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Customer Reviews

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Digestion & Immunity Benefits

Love My Gut has made a big difference for my digestion. I also love that there is Zinc in this product, which I feel like has kept me healthy this winter when a lot of my coworkers have gotten sick.

Thanks for the review Zach, great news!

I love this product

I love this product. I am pretty sure that Love My Gut and one other product are responsible for why I’m feeling pretty good right now! Very grateful. I will be buying it as soon as I run out. I’m totally digesting food again.

I went from abdominal pain, low appetite, and symptoms of IBS to relative normalcy and no discomfort any in just 3 days. My energy improved as well.

Healing my gut issues!

I have been using Love My Gut for a couple months and it has made a huge difference for me! No more bloating, cramps, indigestion, Im so happy. And it’s tasty and so easy to take, just one scoop a day.

Kate R.
happier gut and a healthier you

My family has a history of gut issues. This drinkable powder is a powerhouse of amino acids, minerals, and botanical extracts that support GI health, mental wellness, and immune function.

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